Meet Our Team

Our Team- The passionate and experienced head coach, Olga, teaches classes at New Stars. Olga founded New Stars Dance School in 2019 and it has been growing ever since. At New Stars, Olga has developed a unique dance program for kids, including ballet, ballroom, and rhythmic gymnastic elements. Our programs improve students’ dancing technique, as well as develop their physical fitness and social skills.
Each of our programs at New Stars includes an engaging mix of dance, body conditioning, and personal development. Classes include a combination of ballet, ballroom, and rhythmic gymnastics. Students love when Olga adds some rhythmic gymnastics apparatus to classes such as hula hoops and ribbons.
Want to try out one of our programs? New Stars offers a FREE trial class for prospective students. Kids can join their age group for one session to get a sense of the class atmosphere. Our free trial also allows parents to check that the class meets their expectations without any obligation to continue.

Free Trial Classes

Not sure if we are a good match for you or which style you want to learn? Free trial classes are available, one free class for each style. For more information, get in touch.

Find out more information about the different programs on offer at New Stars Dance School, including our FREE trial class