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Belly Dance

Try Our New Belly Dancing for Adults!

Belly dancing is really having a moment. This ancient dance style is becoming more popular around the world as it has been used by pop stars such as Shakira, Rihanna and Beyoncé. We love belly dance here at New Stars Dance School and will be offering belly dance classes for adults from September.

Belly dancing originated in Egypt and has long been performed as part of the culture of Middle-Eastern countries. The modern version of belly dancing that is taught at dance schools is quite different from the original dance. However, many of the same types of movements are still used. Belly dancing usually consists of a sequence of graceful actions alongside controlled movements of the hips and stomach. The dance is usually broken down into three types of movements:

  • Percussive: Short and sharp movements which are usually performed with the hips in time with the rhythm of the music. This can involve lifting, rocking or rotating the hips in various shapes and sequences
  • Fluid: Slow, graceful movements that are usually performed with the arms and hips. The more fluid movements of the hips can be figures of 8 or infinity loops
  • Shimmies: This is a classic belly dance move with continuous, fast movements of the hips or ribcage. These movements create the famous jingling of the coins or discs on traditional costumes
Not only is belly dance a beautiful form of dance, but it is also a very effective and fun workout. Belly dancing is now a very popular form of exercise as it is a great way to work the core muscles. The focus on moving the muscles in time with the music makes this much more fun than your usual gym class! If that hasn’t convinced you, belly dancing also improves hand-eye coordination, balance and timing.

Performing belly dance is extra fun due to the traditional costumes that are worn by the dancers. The most recognizable costume is the skirt worn over the hips that is covered with coins or metal discs. These coins jingle when dancers perform the iconic hip shakes and rolls.

Fancy trying our new belly dancing class for adults at New Stars Dance School? Our experienced teacher Vlada will be leading our new class and would love for you to come and join.