At New Stars Dance School, excellence seamlessly meets innovation in dance education for children. Meticulously crafted, our dance classes are tailored to inspire and nurture young talents, providing a truly exceptional experience.

Dance classes to choose from

Join us and discover the magic of dance education that transcends boundaries. Unleash your child’s potential and watch them soar into a world where creativity, skill, and self-expression intertwine seamlessly. At New Stars Dance School, we’re not just teaching dance; we’re nurturing the spark that makes each child uniquely brilliant. We are dedicated to fostering holistic growth in our students. Choose our carefully designed programs:

Twinkle Stars

The program is aimed at 3-4 years old students

Twinkle Stars

Our classes are scheduled once a week. The primary objective with the Twinkle Stars program is to familiarize students with the dance class setting.
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Little Stars

The program is aimed at 5-6 years old students

Little Stars

Our Little Stars program conducts weekly dance classes to acquaint students with the dance class ambiance.
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Rising Stars

The program is aimed at 7-8 years old students

Rising Stars

The class schedule is weekly and aims to enhance the students' skills. As the program progresses, the focus will shift towards developing advanced dance techniques.
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Nova Stars

The program is aimed at kids 9-14 years old

Nova Stars

Our program offers classes twice a week, with the goal of enhancing students' dance techniques, improving their physical conditioning, and developing their performance skills.
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What we teach during our classes:

  • Fusion Like No Other: Embark on a dance fusion like no other at New Stars Dance School, where our innovative curriculum seamlessly blends the grace of ballet, the elegance of ballroom, and the agility of rhythmic gymnastics. This dynamic journey takes students through the world of movement and expression, creating a unique and enriching experience.
  • Dual-Purpose Learning: At New Stars Dance School, we believe in achieving more than just dance proficiency. Our programs serve as a gateway to enhancing students’ dance techniques, elevating physical fitness, and fostering vital social skills. Beyond mastering dance steps, our goal is to shape well-rounded individuals who radiate confidence, embody grace, and exude strength.
  • Confidence, Grace, Strength: Beyond teaching dance steps, we’re on a mission to shape well-rounded individuals at New Stars Dance School—individuals who radiate confidence, embody grace, and exude strength. This transformative journey empowers young stars to shine both on and off the stage, fostering a holistic approach to personal growth and expression.

At New Stars Dance School each step is a stride towards a healthier, more confident future. We understand that the dance class isn’t just an extracurricular activity; it’s a holistic journey of growth. With every movement, our students embark on a transformative path, building physical fitness, confidence, and a love for self-expression

What students gain during our classes:

  • Nurturing Coordination and Agility: In our dance classes, children enter the perfect arena to refine their hand-eye coordination and agility. To emphasize, every move becomes a chance to develop grace and precision, nurturing not only their physical skills but also instilling a sense of artistic finesse and control in every step
  • Building Lifelong Skills: Beyond the dance floor, our programs go further, instilling valuable life skills. Concentration and commitment are honed as your child dedicates themselves to a cherished hobby, paving the way for success in any endeavor. As they immerse themselves in the world of dance, they not only refine their techniques but also cultivate discipline and focus that extend beyond the studio. This holistic approach ensures that the skills learned in dance class become valuable tools for success in various aspects of their lives
  • Confidence Unleashed: Witness your child’s confidence soar as they thrive in our welcoming dance school. In this nurturing environment, it’s important to realize that they can express themselves freely, make friends who share their passion, and truly come into their own. As they dance and grow, they discover a supportive community that encourages individuality and fosters a sense of belonging. This sense of belonging extends beyond the dance floor, creating lasting connections and a shared journey of self-discovery

Our Dance Studios

As a result, these well-placed dance studios ensure that dance education is within reach for everyone. Join us at the location that suits you best, and let’s dance together! With strategically located studios, we make it convenient for families in both Hammonds Plains and West Bedford to access high-quality dance education right in their neighborhoods! Discover the joy of dance in spaces designed for accessibility and community connection. Welcome to contact us here

At New Stars Dance School, we are all about making dance accessible and enjoyable. The most important, our bright and welcoming dance studios are conveniently situated in two fantastic locations near you. Whether you’re in Hammonds Plains or West Bedford, our spaces in HPCC and BHPCC are designed to inspire creativity and provide a comfortable environment for everyone to explore the joy of dance. Join us and let the rhythm of dance unfold in spaces crafted for your comfort and artistic expression.

Our Mission and Values

At our dance school, we are dedicated to fostering holistic growth in our students. In our carefully designed programs, young dancers will:
  • Cultivate Respect: We prioritize teaching students respect, not only for their peers but also for their instructors. Learning to listen and concentrate is a fundamental skill that empowers them both in and out of the dance studio.
  • Boost Confidence: Our nurturing environment allows students to build self-esteem and feel at ease while dancing. We offer numerous opportunities for them to showcase their talents on stage, helping them grow in confidence.
  • Enhance Social Skills: Our classes aren’t just about dancing; they’re also about forging connections and friendships. Students develop a strong foundation for social interaction, promoting teamwork and communication.
  • Elevate Physical Fitness: Through dance, our students embark on a journey to enhance their physical fitness. They’ll challenge their balance, coordination, and flexibility, ensuring not only a graceful performance but also a healthy body.


Here are a few of the questions we get the most. If you don’t see what’s on your mind, reach out to us anytime by calling 902.943.0333 or contacting us by email

We accept children from 3 years old, depending on your child’s age you can find the best match: Twinkle Stars (3-4 years old), Little Stars (5-6 years old), Rising Stars (7-8 years old), Nova Stars (9-12 years old). 

In general our classes start from September through June as a public school year.  You can always check on the mid year opening or contact us via email on available slots. 

We accept credit/debit cards and e-transfers payments for your conveniency. 

We encourage our students to wear the New Stars Dance School uniform. All the details and purchase can be found here

We ask to come in your practice uniform, bring your water bottle and a yoga mat of any type or color. 

As a courtesy, please inform our administrative assistant if you miss a class. Give us a call 902.943.0333 or email info@newstarsgo.ca

We follow the same holidays as the public school, please refer to our calendar here

Yes, you are welcome to make up a missed class, please contact our administrative assistant for more details here 

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